Vadecity Zaragaoza in the city of bikes ZIB
02 May 2017
Vadecity participated in IBÉRICO XIV CONFERENCE "THE BIKE AND THE CITY" main event ZIB
The XIV Iberian Congress "The bicycle and the city" was celebrated last April in the framework of Zaragoza city and the ZiB bikes. Vadecity was present on Friday 28 where it presented its project of network of safe, sustainable and intelligent bicycle parking. The 14th edition of the most important and veteran congress in terms of cycling is concerned, since its first edition dates back to 1996.

Organized by ConBici and the Portuguese Federation of Cycling and Bicycle Users Bicycle Users (FPCUB), it is about A formal space for exchange, debate, training and information on all sorts of issues that interest people close to the urban cyclist movement and the cycling of saddlebags. The congress has been held annually since 2012 and is held alternately in Spanish and Portuguese cities: Vitoria-Gasteiz, Lisbon, Malaga and Vila-Nova de Gaia have hosted the last four editions. Its objectives include "presenting the most important news and experiences around the bicycle as a means of transport in the field of Spain and Portugal", orienting its structure towards the generation and transfer of knowledge on trunk aspects of the cycling world.

For its XIV edition, Zaragoza has been the chosen one and the collective Pedalea who has assumed the organization, surrounding the Iberian character of the event of a wrapper of international aspiration capable of extending the objectives of exchange of experiences and generation of knowledge at a European level.

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