Vadecity explains his project TEDx Barcelona Awards
05th October 2016
The Smart Biking project Vadecity is selected from over 100 submitted projects as one of the 3 best projects to be presented to the next TEDx Barcelona event.
To our surprise, from over 100 participants presented to TEDxBarcelona we were selected within three winners, with projects as MAPP4ALL and Somos Movilidad. As winners, Vadecity presented in front of more than 500 spectators in TEDxBarcelona Limitless event, his project:
  • Smart Biking, promoting bike use and easing safe and intelligent parking lots, adapted to the needs of future cities.

Our congratulations to the final winner of this TEDxBarcelona event: MAPP4ALL!
In the following links you can see the full interview of our Smart Biking project and videos of our pitch preparation workshop supported by a TED coach and the pitch video for the final contest, from here we want to thank the received support from TED team during this process!

“Interview 05/10/2016:

Hoy entrevistamos a Marta Recasens, CEO de Vadecity, un servicio de aparcamiento seguro y inteligente de bicicletas de uso privado que nace con el objetivo de revolucionar la movilidad en bicicleta en la ciudad condal.
Su proyecto es uno de los 3 finalistas de TEDxBarcelona Awards 2016, la primera edición de premios en los que TEDxBarcelona impulsa la difusión de ideas innovadoras que transforman nuestra ciudad.”

Complet interview

Workshop video

Pitch video

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