Marta Recasens, Architect Dr; Javier Achiaga , civil engineer, are the two partners that has driven Vadecity, a Start Up based in solutions for smart cities of the XXI century.

From the 800,000 people who currently cycling around the world, most are afraid that their bicycle would be stolen while are on the street.
On 2007 Vadecity detects the first bicycle mobility need, safety bike park in the city.

The safety bicycle parking was (and still is) a problem.
Vadecity born with the mission to respond to the needs of citizens within emerging cities.

Is constituted as a company in 2014 to create Vadebike. A safe system parking, intelligent and sustainable for smart cities.

Vadecity offers easy solutions tailored to citizens today. So the motto of the brand: Smart Cities. Smart Solutions.
  • CEO - Marta Recasens
    CEO - Marta Recasens
  • COO - Javier Achiaga
    COO - Javier Achiaga
  • PM - Enric Mompel
    PM - Enric Mompel
  • CMCO - Isabel Colomer Piñol
    CMCO - Isabel Colomer Piñol
  • Marketing and Communication Strategies
    Marketing and Communication Strategies
  • CTO - Vicente Medina
    CTO - Vicente Medina
  • Advisor - Joan Manel Puig
    Advisor - Joan Manel Puig
  • Advisor - Josep Miquel Piqué
    Advisor - Josep Miquel Piqué
  • Advisor - Juan Margenat
    Advisor - Juan Margenat
  • EU Coach - Joaquin Soucheiron
    EU Coach - Joaquin Soucheiron
  • Mentor - Joan Corbella
    Mentor - Joan Corbella