UTE Vadebike BCN wins the Barcelona Open Challenge
march 31th, 2015
UTE Vadebike BCN wins the tender Barcelona Open Challenge for the installation and operation of the parking system vadebike of Vadecity in Barcelona
The BCN Open Challenge for the City Council itself becomes the customer and buyer of innovative, first closing the circle of 'urban labs' and adding funding and vector compromise public procurement in the resolver challenges. But the Barcelona Open Challenge was also born with the desire to reach anyone, professional or business collective group that has an innovative idea applies, regardless of its nature or experience, ensuring opportunities for all capacity to innovate.

It is for this reason that the nature of the selected is very diverse, and it is something that gives special satisfaction because we like winning small businesses already established, but also new companies created specifically to present to this call, a joint venture (UTE) and even a technology center, which demonstrates the ability of this program to foster new ways and innovative business co-operation between them.

Specifically, a challenge challenge winners are:

Challenge 1 Minimize theft of bicycles in the city
The winning solution features a secure parking for bicycles that can not only ensure the same bike but also other ancillary elements like hull.

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